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I’m incapable of leaving you alone.

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This music saves lifes
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Blink 182
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"It was so close, we’re angry to lose like that. Best player of tournament? Doesn’t matter, you don’t play for individual trophies."
"A shame we can’t offer the fans the trophy, but we leave with our head up high, we have peace of mind. I’m proud to be Argentine."

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Germany: *makes goal*


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I swear Basti deserve every good thing in the world


Dear Followers,

now that the world cup has ended, I would like to apologize for the amount of wc posts. This is why it only takes place every 4 years: People go crazy. People spam. People die. Of heart attacks. 

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Did Schweinsteiger get hit again
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Can we please talk about this super hot german supporter? Jesus Christ

Lionel Messi wins Golden Ball award for best player of World Cup 2014

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Schweinsteiger: 95863 injuries but still very happy

Maracana stadium with fireworks after the Final match between Germany and Argentina - world cup 2014

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